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Hangzhou AnQiXin industrial co., LTD. Is located in the beautiful scenery,Pleasant climate in the western suburbs of hangzhou linan economic development zone,Yu road close to hangzhou,This castle lake,B his face,In the middle of zhejiang gold punters,The traffic is very convenient。
Our company is a rubber and plastic products、Development、Design and production in a body......
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Miscellaneous pieces of silicone
Miscellaneous pieces of rubber
Pipe bending
Metal rubber adhesive
Silicone tube
Thermoplastic elastomer
Plastic products
Fluorine rubber
The silicone sets
The silicone pacifiers
Corrugated dust-proof sets
Silica gel products
The tapered plug
The silicone buttons
The cap
Energy saving lamp shade
The silicone sucker
The shower
Plastic rubber adhesive
Floor MATS
The brake disc
Damping block
The coating cover plug
Silica gel profiled bar
The silicone extrusion bar
Lamp shade
The silica gel
The silicone tube came out
Rubber gasket
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