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    Chongqing with automobile sales and service co., LTD. Business direction is to promote the use of clean harmless energy conservation and environmental protection means of transport,Such as electric sight-seeing cars、The electric car、Clean electric car、The electric car and so on。For more than a decade,We are in the public security system、Urban management、The real estate、Industrial plant、National tourism scenic spot、Large enterprises, and other fields have a fixed customers,With high quality and good after-sales service and won the praise of users;In the aspect of operation,Our company in chongqing city currently operating projects have independently:The nanchuan district of chongqing chang crown passenger transport co., LTD、Chongqing rail transport、Chongqing nanping pedestrian street;Scenic spots:China(Chongqing)International garden expo、Fairy mountain scenic spots、The dragon tourism development co., LTD., etc;Campus:Chongqing liberal arts college、Chongqing university、Chongqing normal university, etc。Is now in operation of electric sightseeing nearly thousand vehicles,For the colleges and universities、Scenic places such as solve the problem on public transport。...

    Chongqing with automobile sales and service co., LTD
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    According to your requirement,Recommend quality products for you

    • Chongqing6Open car

      Chongqing6Open car

      6Open car1.Body:Before and after the blister bumper car+High strength square tube welding structure and cover body sheet metal materials,Optimization of antirust paint processing2.The chassis:Strengthen the miniature vapor...

    • Chongqing patrol car

      Chongqing patrol car

      There were many advantages of electric car features advantages of electric car,Environmental protection and energy saving(Every hundred kilometers fees are cheaper than gasoline vehicles patrolling2/3The above),Can significantly save fuel costs,At the same time...

    • Chongqing electric car manufacturers

      Chongqing electric car manufacturers

             Electric car is not only a police patrol motor vehicle of choice,As well as urban management and law enforcement departments...

    • Chongqing8Open type electric patrol

      Chongqing8Open type electric patrol

      8Electric master car electric car battery in store when it is strictly prohibited in a state of loss of electricity。Kui state refers to the battery after use without charge in a timely manner。In the condition of deficient electric storage battery,Very...

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    According to your requirement,Recommend quality products for you

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