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Zhucheng embellish constant environmental protection equipment co., LTD. Is located in the south of shandong peninsula,And in the east coastal city of Qingdao,South by emerging port of rizhao,Location is superior,The transportation is convenient。The company works closely with domestic professional institutes,Has a strong non-standard design、Manufacturing and service capacity,The production equipment is complete,Testing equipment is perfect。As environmental protection equipment production base,Company for the domestic industrial and mining enterprises、Agriculture、The oil、Chemical industry、Paper making、Pharmaceutical、Metallurgy、Electric power、Food processing and other industries to provide a large number of products。Main have spirit floating equipment、Sewage treatment equipment、Solid-liquid separation equipment、Stop bed cleaning and the supplementary equipment、Scraping mud skimming decantation water equipment、Biochemical treatment equipment、Packing aeration disinfection equipment。 In addition the company in the industry organic waste gas and fetid odor governance accumulated lots of experience,Has been realizedHDBDIndustrial application,Become a waste gas treatment......