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    Jurong city gen parker decoration engineering co., LTD,Building decoration engineering construction general contracting grade、Building decoration engineering design special class b、ISO9001International quality、The environment、The occupational health management system certification enterprises。The company registered capital600Ten thousand yuan,The main housing decoration and hotels、The hotel、The clubhouse、The mall、The exhibition hall、The design and construction of office buildings and other public Spaces,Provide a full range of home decoration services for consumers。
    Our company actively in combination with the practical situation of their own,Learning guide borrow management experience of successful enterprises at home and abroad,Actively introduce high-quality design and management personnel,Firmly “Design to create value,The detail achievement quality”The idea of、To perform“Development is the absolute principle,Do big project、And stronger inside”The development of strategic objectives,The management of the company's internal continuously institutionalized、Standardization,Employees with the company's cohesion is growing。To achieve the market competitiveness,Companies gather heart,Social awareness。Loyal heartfelt evaluation of the past,Solid to do today,Hope to tomorrow,Looking to the future。
    We will join hands in building decoration industry peers,Seek common cause,A total of figure,In order to“Unity is strength compose spanning the architectural decoration industry,With a practical attitude service customers,Improve people's quality of life;Improve people's physical and mental health;Improve people's property;Create human life taste” Continue to improve Chinese family house dream。Gen parker decoration team spirit in the face of the market、In the face of the society,Consistently、Firmly to the development of architectural decoration industry,Tireless efforts in building a harmonious society。
    Be in zhenjiang good decorate a company!Do zhenjiang reputable decorate a company!Zhenjiang make owner can decorate a company!!!

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Jurong city gen parker decoration engineering co., LTD
Address:Jurong city HuaYang Town dongchang road south(The original farmers street)M71-1Number
Contacts:Zou manager 15252973488

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