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Henan solar street lamps factory original constant lighting,The main products are light,Landscape lamp,Garden light,LEDStreet lamp,The lawn lamps and other lighting products。
Energy conservation and environmental protection products、Long service life。The original constant has a user provides exclusive lighting solutions,Welcome your consultation。

Solar street lamps factory original constant lighting

High-quality product quality、Reasonable sales price、Perfect after-sales service

01The original constant lighting three big advantage

Product advantages

Product advantage

Has its own factory production,Products throughISO9001System,The same quality products cost-effective;Products can be recycled,Comply with relevant environmental standards;Completely according to the actual engineering demand,Let you will cost down to the end;Products are widely used in enterprises and institutions to government、Being the local projects。

02The original constant lighting three big advantage

Production advantage

Production advantage

Have an experienced team of experts;The introduction of leading edge automation production equipment;
Quick delivery,Make sure your schedule。

03The original constant lighting three big advantage

After-sales advantage

After advantage

Has its own logistics team,On the day the city free delivery;Construction team for you,Let your construction easy。

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A custom7Days of delivery,Ensure that your project cycle

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The original The constant According to In Ming dynasty The lamp 具

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Installation and debugging

Completion inspection and acceptance

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Introduce the foreign imported automatic production line equipment,To ensure the quality of the product

Urban building lighting solution
Ancient architecture lighting design scheme
Building lighting design scheme
Ancient architecture lighting design
The scenic spot lighting design scheme
Building lighting design scheme

Solar street light information

In luoyang as the center,Radiation surrounding provinces and cities,Let your construction easy

Solar street lamps of choose and buy what the misunderstanding?

Solar street lamps of choose and buy what the misunderstanding?

Solar energy the new energy has been popular for many years,Also gradually accepted by people。With the development and utilization of new energy,New use of new energy equipment has been gradually developed。I am today...


The application of different types of solar street light,Do you know a few kinds?

Solar street light is a crystalline silicon solar battery power supply,Valve control type sealed and maintenance-free battery(Gel battery)Store electricity,Super brightLEDLamps and lanterns as a light source,And by the intelligent charger...


What is the principle of solar street lamps?

As the little consumed resources,People pay more and more attention to the development and utilization of renewable resources,Wind power、Water power and solar energy are good green energy。The solar energy is more convenient...


What are the solar street lights maintenance content?

The sun is that the matter to most life on earth,Solar energy is an important new energy,How important it is for earth visible sun。At this stage of the sun for us...


What are the specifications and characteristics of lawn lamp?

Lawn lamp mainly by its appearance and soft lighting has become one of the big city,Widely used in the garden、The park、Green decoration plaza large outdoor place,In the lawn lamp...


Luoyang street lamp:Why not install street lamp on the highway?

Highway surely everyone not unfamiliar,May all have the same problem,Urban roads surrounding lighting lamps,Why the highway no street light,Actually the highway no...


Garden light design,Bring your garden at night

Garden light with its elegant design and unique light distribution design,In the modern city landscape lighting plays an irreplaceable important role。Urban landscape lighting lighting is in the whole city...


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